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Snacks To Eat Before Bedtime That Help You Beat Belly Fat


You had dinner at 6pm and now it’s 11 pm. You make your way to the fridge trying to find a snack but the only problem is, you don’t want to destroy your diet before bedtime. You have been so good all day.


Every one of us can relate in this situation but did you know that depriving yourself of that snack might be bad for your health? First off, having a hungry tummy can make you restless, which causes poor sleep patterns and studies show that sleeping less than five hours a night can increase your chances of gaining weight. You never thought that eating could help you lose weight, right?


Here are some ideal, healthy bedtime snacks that can actually make you lose weight:

1. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is perfect to eat before bed due it’s high protein content. Go for low-sugar variety and you’ll have even more benefits.


2. Banana

Bananas are a very rich source of potassium which is great as a muscle relaxant. They don’t have a crazy amount of calories and also contain natural sleep aids.


3. Peanut on whole grain toast

An ideal snack before you hit the snack. Why is that? Because not only it is whole grain bread filling but also packed full of protein and an amino acid that serves as a sleep aid.


However, it is very important to eat at the right time just as important as what you eat. A small snack can help you control and also lose weight if it’s not high in fat and sugar.

4. Almonds

Eating almonds, pistachios, and other nuts is a great idea if you’re about going to sleep. They contain protein and also high in magnesium. A great natural sleep aid!


5. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has a host of benefits. Eating it with 70% or even more cocoa can increase the production of serotonin and lower blood pressure. Plus, it’s super delicious!



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