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This Is How You’re Going To Behave On Your Wedding Day According To Your Zodiac Sign


Being a bride is a huge deal… to some. And some women completely transform during the planning process and on the wedding itself. We’re either looking at a happy, relaxed bride, excited about the new life adventure she’s embarking upon, or a full-on, scary bridezilla that breathes fire at every minor detail and inconsistency regarding her dream wedding.

But what would you be like? Or maybe you already had your wedding day and this zodiac input will guess what you were doing around the date?

Read on.

1. Aries

You have everything planned and prepared to the smallest of details. Therefore, your wedding day will run smoothly. Try to relax!


Source: Unsplash | Tom Pumford

2. Taurus

You worry about stuff a lot. However, you know deeply in your heart that it will all end up perfect in the end.


Source: Unsplash | Petr Ovralov

3. Gemini

As a bride, you are not the high maintenance type. Hence, your wedding will be an enjoyable, casual gathering.


Source: Unsplash | Rachael Crowe

4. Cancer

Your touchy temper will probably transform you into a Disney villain. Try to work on your mood swings.


Source: Unsplash | Christopher Campbell

5. Leo

Being a bossy bride can be hard on your bridesmaids. Try to stop your crazy request and listen to what they have to say too.


Source: Instagram | @lindseymevents

6. Virgo

You’re the most modest and practical of them all. So, you’ll probably have a simple and elegant wedding as well.


Source: Instagram | @lindseymevents

7. Libra

You are a romantic and idealistic soul, and that’s what you are going to be as a bride, too. Your wedding will probably look like a fairytale.


Source: Unsplash | Anne Edgar

8. Scorpio

Your wedding day will be more beautiful than any other day. You know how to attract energy and will get everyone’s attention on this important day.


Source: Unsplash | Brooke Cagle

9. Sagittarius

You will probably end up being the careless bride. Who knows, you might elope to Vegas without a second thought.


Source: Unsplash | Chiến Phạm

10. Capricorn

Be careful about your ambition, because you might create an over-the-top event.


Source: Unsplash | Scott Webb

11. Aquarius

You are the inventive bride and your wedding will be very creative. You might end up having a cheaper and eco-friendly ceremony.


Source: Unsplash | Sweet Ice Cream Photography

12. Pisces

As you are very emotional, you will make sure your bridesmaids are having just as much fun as you on your wedding day.


Source: Instagram | @lindseymevents

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