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Seems Like Bella Hadid Just Made Peace With Selena Gomez On Instagram


Seems like the beef is over between famous model Bella Hadid and actress turned singer Selena Gomez who both used to date 27-year-old Canadian hitmaker, The Weeknd.


Right after Bella Hadid and the ‘Starboy’ singer broke it off in November last year, he started dating 25-year-old singer Selena Gomez. The‘s Model of the Year for 2016 must’ve been on her feels when she unfollowed Selena on Instagram (probably to avoid all the Abelena pics on her feed) but again who can blame her? It’s not a great pleasure to watch your ex with someone else. We were actually not surprised at all.

But however she might have been feeling back then, things have obviously changed, and it looks like there are no hard feelings between the two anymore. 21-year-old Bella recently showed Selena some love when she liked one of her Instagram pics showing the singer with a new blond hairstyle from the American Music Awards.

📱| Bella Hadid liked:

Although the two are probably not besties, at least it seems there is no bad blood between them anymore. But the main question remains: Is Bella Hadid thinking about rekindling with The Weeknd as Selena recently did with 23-year-old Justin Bieber? Amazing things happen in Hollywood and nothing can be ruled out.

What do you guys think? Do they have a chance? Comment and let us know!

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