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How To Create Belle’s Ponytail From The Beauty And The Beast


We are so excited that Beauty and the Beast is finally coming out in March. We have been waiting for 1 year and finally, it’s coming. Based on the trailers, Belle’s hair is so good and royal that everything around her looks magical. Today we’re going to share with you a tutorial where you can learn how to do an amazing Belle ponytail.

The YouTube channel Cute Girls Hairstyles shares cute hair tutorials every week where you can create a lot of looks from. Mindy and Brooklyn are going to show us all the instructions on the hairstyle so let’s take a look at the whole procedure. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

You have to make sure your hair is well brushed and curly. Then, on the sides of your head, take a piece of hair in the front and secure it with a bobby pin in the back.

ponytail 1Then, you will move on to the back of your hair and create a small ponytail by using only the hair from the top.

ponytail 2 You are going to flip your ponytail in the middle and then take different parts of your hair from the front and twist them into the ponytail.

ponytail 3After you’re done, create a big ponytail with the hair that’s left free and secure it with a tiny blue bow. Like so.

ponytail 4

You can click down below to see more of the process. Be the first to start rocking the Belle look, before the movie comes out!

Source:Cute Girls Hairstyles

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