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The Best Body Transformations for a Movie Role


Actors have a job that requires them to become someone else, through voice, makeup, and good old talented performances. But sometimes transforming yourself for a role literally, means transforming your body to be much thinner or fatter verion tha its used to being.

Quite a lot of the time, acting isn’t as easy as we think. Rarely is it the case where an actor rocks up to the set, does their 9-5 and leaves it at that. Major roles require a major commitment and call for way more than mental preparations. To truly get into the character, aesthetics have to be taken into account, in order for an actor to resemble the person they are trying to portray.

The actors in this video were doing whatever it takes to put on muscle for their movie role, even if it means putting their body through endless hours of intense training and hard work. Check out these surprising changes.


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