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The Best Cake Decorations Of The Year 2016

Amazing Cake Decorating

Everything TV – DIY, Makeup, Hairstyles, Nail Art is a Youtube channel that specializes in creating compilations. They encourage vloggers and followers to send in their own tutorials, recipes, projects etc., and then they are made into videos on DIY, hair styling, makeup, nail tutorials, decorations and similar.

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The channel is very prolific with videos usually being uploaded on a daily basis. One of the features they are known for is their monthly compilations of the best tutorials found on Youtube in different categories. Everything TV has faced criticism in the past about their reliance on other people’s material to create their content. However, the people who run the channel are adamant that their goal is to promote videos they find worth sharing and drawing attention to them.

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Be as it may, in today’s video you will find the best cake decorations of 2016 as selected by Everything TV. Be careful, though, this compilation might put you in serious doubt about which one you would like to bake next.

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One of the comments below the video has explained this predicament simply but bluntly:

I would like all of the cakes.🎂🍰

…and lo and behold, 30 likes promptly landed underneath this comment.

Source:Everything TV – DIY, Makeup, Hairstyles, Nail Art

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