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Best Christmas Tech Gifts for Your Kids


Christmas is the time for tech gifts. So, if you are searching for the perfect gift for your kids then you are in the right place. Technology has been always one of the biggest sellers at Christmas time so you should learn which are the gifts that are worth your money.

Today, we have compiled together a list of tech gifts to make everything easier for you. Check them out:



What’s really unusual about this toy is the one-time hatching that occurs some point after the toy is taken out of the box. The eggs hatch themselves and evolve depending on how much you play with them. You can buy it from Toys R’Us  for £59.99.

Nerf Mastadon

This is the biggest and baddest Nerf gun you have ever seen. You can buy it for £47.49 at Tesco Direct.

Furby Connect


It works with the Furby Connect World app that’s available for tablets and phones and contains games and videos that work with the toy. You can buy the Furby Connect for £99 at Toys R’ Us.

WowWeeCHiP the Robot Dog


This is awesome. Chip is an intellegent robot pup. It has very advanced sensors and smart accessories. How you respond uniquely shapes his behaviour. Two CHiPs are never the same. You can buy it for  £199.

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