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Horror Fans Rejoice: I Found The Best Horror Shorts On Youtube

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I’ve been following the horror scene since I was five. In all of those years, there have been a handful of times when I was genuinely freaked out. It happened sometimes, actually, when I was a really young child who insisted on staying up late and watching Argento. And some time later, with the original ‘Grudge’ (the stairs scene), and then there was El Orfanato, The Conjuring, and Insidious 3 was also good.

But one night, some time ago, I completely freaked out.

Browsing for horror shorts, because I didn’t feel like anything regular, I came across a user called Ponysmasher.

But the channel was not the first thing I saw. It was his short ‘Attic Panic‘ that caught my attention, and it was good, very good, so I decided to watch all the 5-6 horror shorts he had back then.

I spent the night hiding behind a pillow and jumping at every possible noise.

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This was me.

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And, like I said to the man, after I fangirled like crazy on his Instagram, it’s quite a lot of drama, for a person who wanted to be babysat by Freddy Krueger.

For example, ‘See You Soon’ lasts FOURTEEN SECONDS, and I almost died.

(I had to click it to go to ’embed’ but I hurried to pause it because I didn’t want to encounter THAT again)

Also, just when you think you KNOW what’s going to happen…

The director is doing all of this in his apartment, with his wife and his 3D animation – IKEA film set building skills. Check out his ‘making of’ the videos as well. Although, they did not help me because I couldn’t get rid of the sense of core fear I had for the rest of the evening (success!).

And, aren’t you in love with the fact that it’s something completely fresh and unexpected?

Because New Line Cinema was.

Because of David F. Sandberg‘s (the mastermind behind all of this) awarded short ‘Lights Out’, they invited him to direct a full feature film with them in Los Angeles.

In fact, the film was released in July last year and people totally freaked out. You should most definitely check it out, and the title is also – ‘Lights Out’. You’ll want to keep the lights on after that for a while, though.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned:


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I’ll go back to hiding behind a pillow now. I am a huge fan of this person and I will follow his career FOREVER.

You can come on Facebook and Instagram and tell me which one left you without any sleep.
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