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Best Makeup To Hide Tiredness Tutorial


We look significantly older when we are tired. Our eyes are puffy and our complexion is lackluster. Due to our busy lives, there is a little chance we will ever have enough time to relax and chill. Most women work, take care of the kids, the house and of course their husbands. The to-do list is too long and the day is too short. Luckily, when we are exhausted, we have makeup! In almost no time we can look fresh and confident because the makeup will take away the extra years from your face.

You will need:
– 2 shades lighter and 2 shades darker strong coverage foundations
– foundation brush or sponge;
– face powder;
– your favorite color of eyeshadow and eyeliner;
– mascara and eyebrows pencil;
– lipstick.

Be careful how you actually apply the foundation on the face. It will make a significant difference between tired and not tired.

Apply  the light shade foundation on to the areas that will catch a light and hide the dark shades.


Then apply the dark foundation as in the picture


Use a foundation brush or sponge and blend the colors together on the skin.


If you have oily face apply some powder on the face to set the foundation


For amazing results do your eye makeup and brows and apply some lipstick.


Photo courtesy: samerkhouzami makeup.

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