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Top 5 Best New Cars Suitable For The Ladies


Let’s be honest, we all love nice cars. Expensive machinery with lots of digits in the price tags and enough speed, performance and style to give you legend status. Except, not everyone can afford this type of machinery.

And if you’re a smart lady, you probably want a nice, affordable, economical car that can still be fun to drive around and cool to be seen in without breaking the bank. So with that in mind, here are top 5 best new cars that are most suitable for the ladies.

5. Ford Focus

Top 5 Best New Cars Suitable For The Ladies 1


Trim level you want: SE-L Hatch
Base price: $18,900 (before options)

The Ford Focus is an award-winning compact car that is worth every penny. While you may compromise a bit on interior space and cargo capacity, the car excels in pretty much every other segment. It’s competitively priced, has a frugal engine, a nice equipment list and it’s quite good fun to drive. As I mentioned above, the SE-L Hatch is the one you want, but if you’re feeling the adrenaline and you want something with a bit more umph to it, there is always the hot ST model, and the even hotter RS.

4. Mazda CX-3

Top 5 Best New Cars Suitable For The Ladies 2


Trim level you want: Grand Touring
Base price: $24,990 (before options)

Jumping to a different segment and price bracket, the Mazda CX-3 is one of the more unique designs available on the market today. It’s part of the new compact crossover segment, and it’s definitely worth a look. With a roomy interior, unique design, plenty of standard equipment and Mazda’s excellent SkyActiv engine technology, the CX-3 may not be available with all-wheel drive, but it’s more of a form over function crossover, and that’s why it’s so cool.

3. Fiat 500X



Trim level you want: Trekking
Base price: $23,350 (before options)

Staying in the same segment, we are jumping on to a vehicle with just a little bit more design flair. The Fiat 500X may share its platform with the more macho (and expensive) Jeep Renegade, but you get a decent equipment list, good cargo and passenger space, and unlike the aforementioned Mazda, the option of all-wheel drive for some mild offroading. What’s more, the Trekking trim level features some cosmetic enhancements to make it look like a much tougher off-road vehicle than it actually is. It may borrow quite a few parts from the Chrysler parts bin, but it’s so full of design character that you just can’t help but love it.

2. Mini Cooper



Trim level you want: Cooper 2-Door Hardtop
Base price: $20,950 (before options)

When you talk about cars that girls love, you can’t go without mentioning the Mini Cooper. The original Mini was launched in 1959 and was produced for 41 years until the year 2000. Even though admittedly the latest Mini Cooper really isn’t all that “mini” anymore, the car’s design is in a class of its own. You can recognize a Mini from a mile away, and it’s one of the best handling compact cars you can purchase today. While it’s not the best vehicle in the world for cargo or passengers, you can always get the 5-door model, and they pride themselves on offering “more than 10 million possible combinations” to personalize your Mini, the price can get out of hand really quick, so it’s best to keep yourself restrained, because most of the options on the Mini are purely cosmetic.

1. Mazda MX-5 Miata



Trim level you want: Club
Base price: $28,800 (before options)

The Miata really is the very essence of a two-door, two-seat convertible sports car for not that much money. While this may not be the most powerful machine in the world, producing just 155 hp from its SkyActiv-infused 2.0 liter engine, the way this car handles corners is something of a legend among car people. What’s more, it has the simplest and easiest manual softtop in the world, it has a surprising amount of creature comforts for a small, cheap two-seater sports car, and considering how much personality and cornering prowess you get for how much you pay, the Miata is amazing bang for buck.
If you want the same car but perhaps want something a little bit softer on the spine, you can always get the MX-5’s platform cousin, the Fiat 124 Spider. Which neatly brings me onto the honorable mentions.

-Chevrolet Cruze Hatch


(Source: Chevrolet Canada)

Trim level you want: LT
Base price: $22,115 (before options)

The Cruze has a great equipment list, has a huge trunk and is surprisingly good for long distances. What’s more, if the hatch body style doesn’t suit you, a sedan model is always available.

-Honda Civic



Trim level you want: EX-L Navi
Base price: $25,300 (before options)

The Honda Civic has been around for more than 40 years, and has established itself as the compact car that dares to be different. While the latest Civic may not be as insane as some of the ones that preceded it, with three different body styles, two performance models, a great driving experience and a competitive price, the Civic is only in the honorable mentions due to the top trim level (the one you want) only being available with a lousy CVT gearbox.

-Buick Encore


(Source: Car & Driver)

Trim level you want: Preferred
Base price: $26,790 (AWD, before options)

And the final spot on the honorable mentions goes to yet another compact SUV. This Buick, known as the Opel Mokka X overseas, has decent cargo and passenger space, a good equipment list and it looks fantastic! The only thing is, its price is somewhat inflated if you opt for the all-wheel drive system. And since it wouldn’t have the best capabilities in the world considering its size, it’s better to not bother with it. The steering lacks feel from what I hear, too.
Keep in mind, this list is not in any particular order. All of these cars are good, but if you’re going to buy a new car this year and you want quite a few good offerings, these are some of the best that you can purchase right now.

The prices are from April 2017 and may or may not have changed when you read this.
Considering any of the cars on this list? Have any more to suggest? Let us know in the comments!


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