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The Best Pinterest Hacks Tested

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Pinterest hacks are all over the place, and frankly, some of them make our everyday lives a lot easier. Then again, we have the category of #nailedit and #pinterestfails for daily laughs as well.

Tina is this beautiful Youtuber who has over a million subscribers on her channel and posts pretty videos about makeup, hair and style in general. In this video, she decided to test a few Pinterest hacks that have been all over the internet.

So we have the ‘How to keep your off the shoulder down using hair elastics’, we couldn’t wait to see if this works. Then ‘How to curl your hair with a fork’, and we tried this one, but you’ll see her results in the video.

And have you tried ‘Pore filler hacks with makeup’? If not, Tina tried it for you.

Check out the video and tell us what your experience is with these hacks!

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