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Apparently This Is The Best Place In The UK To Live And Work

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I wouldn’t blame you if you presumed London was the best place to live and work in the UK.


And still, you would be wrong because the actual promised land is Slough according to the general public. How do you feel about that London?

Turns out that Slough is the top dog when it comes to living a happy life, home and career with an average income of £35,000. In a survey that included 25 towns, Slough beat Cambridge and Manchester to take the no.1 spot.

Swindon came fourth and Stoke-on Trent came fifth.

Slough first came to international attention when it was the location for ‘The Office’, Ricky Gervais mocumentary  into office life. Here is below with David Brent’s take on living fast and dying old.

Nancy Lalor, of Slough Chamber of Commerce, said of the study:

“We’ve got so many head offices that are based in Slough, so many ‘corporates’ and an amazing trading estate with 350 businesses on it, so I think it’s really on the up.

“There’s so much new build, so much development going on in the town, every few months the whole look of the town is changing and I think people are inspired by what’s going on.

Slough’s original reputation was made after poet John Betjeman wrote in his 1937 poem, Slough: “Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough! It isn’t fit for humans now.”

Your legacy is now in tatters.

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