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The Best Reactions Of People Trying Stuff For The First Time


As they say, “there’s a first time for everything”. Depending on whether or not you had a good time on that first time or not, it will either remain in your memory as one of the best things that have ever happened to you, or you’ll cringe and shiver every time you remind yourself of it.

Take a look at this gallery of some people’s first time on certain things, and decide for yourself how it will stay in their memory.

1. When you’re finally tall enough to go on the big kid rides.

While your older sister is having a lot of fun, you’re just not having it!

19 Best Reactions Of People Trying Stuff For The First Time 1

Source: Reddit | towercost4

2. Never really got the appeal of meeting the Easter Bunny

Look at this kid. He has an ugly feeling that this bunny has some evil intentions.

19 Best Reactions Of People Trying Stuff For The First Time 2

Source: Reddit | CarlJungus

3. That cute outfit can’t hide how he really feels


Source: Reddit | casson364

4. His face tells the whole story

The first experience with the great outdoors? Not the best.


Source: Reddit | jaydscustom

5. He’s not impressed after the first bath

Or maybe this is his face after he saw boobies.


Source: Reddit | forfunstuff

6. After years of seeing mom bake the best treats, you try your hand at cookies

Mom made cookies, and you made a steamroller-flattened elephant dropping. Still probably tastes the same though.


Source: Reddit | EldonAliii

7. “Well, uh, it exploded!”


Source: Reddit | Chris20322

8. Babysitting requires a lot of dedication

If you turn away for even a second, stuff like this can happen.


Source: Reddit | Wilhelmes

9. When I skied for the first time, this was literally how I was

I looked at all the slopes, and I just felt like dying right there.


Source: Reddit | blarg112233

10. Automated car washes are really good fun

This little guy can’t see it though. He’s just like “What dark witchcraft is this contraption operated by?”

Source: Reddit | TheTreelo

11. Not a good first reaction to solids


Source: Reddit | mgsickler

12. Your first burrito is always a spiritual experience

I hope she’s prepared to spend the rest of the day on the toilet.


Source: Reddit | Greenveins

13. There’s a reason it’s called s’mores.

This face just basically says “OH MAH GAWD THIS IS INCREDIBLE”


Source: Reddit | givemeyourpasta

14. …And then they add chocolate chip cookies to your s’more.

This girl is getting ready to say “Holy. S#@t.”


Source: Reddit | Maddisavage

15. She is absolutely horrified!

If she’s the mother of the lady in the photo that’s chugging that glass, then it’s understandable.


Source: Reddit | Blinded-Famas

16. Vacation is one of the best times to try out new things

And riding horses looks like a lot of fun, sure, but when the dude forces his face into yours, you may have to think twice about that.


Source: Reddit | Voeeeee

17. Sometimes your first time is also your last time

If during your first time surfing your head is in the water more than it’s above, it might be time call it call quits.


Source: Reddit | singlemalt0527

18. This kid was born with good taste

He doesn’t acquire good taste as he grows up. He’s a special kind. He was born with it. Chow down on that pepperoni covered goodness, little guy, you deserve it!


Source: Reddit | thesharkbyter

19. This is apparently his reaction to weird and wild animals

I can only imagine what they look like.


Source: Twitter | @JillieBean421

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