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“Fat Feminist Lesbian From Arkansas” Beth Ditto Believes Some People Misunderstood Fat Acceptance


Beth Ditto knows what she’s talking about when she’s talking about fat acceptance. In fact, the singer-songwriter who famously calls herself a “fat, feminist lesbian from Arkansas” has been advocating body positivity for at least a decade. Her words, therefore, carry extra weight when she expresses her bewilderment that now many go into another extreme, such as the criticism aimed at curvy model Ashley Graham for not being ‘fat enough’.

Speaking with Vogue, the Gossip frontman said it is “beautiful and really cool” how the fat acceptance movement has spread, but noted there is still a long way to go as “we are seeing a lot of conventional beauty ideas being put into the fat movement.”


Beth Ditto fronted the indie rock trio Gossip between 1999 and 2016; she has long been an advocate for fat acceptance


“It’s not about making fashion accept you,” she explained. “Like, right now, Ashley Graham has gotten a lot of backlash because people say she’s “not fat enough” and that not everyone is an hourglass. But she is, and people should shut up. They blame her instead of the industry — it makes me so irritated! It’s like, just quit being mean to each other. It’s not hard to be decent.”

The 36-year-old singer is currently promoting Fake Sugar, the first album of her solo career. Known for sporting a black bob and red lips during her rise to fame, Ditto has recently reinvented her look.


In a custom Gucci suit at the Gucci Cruise 2018 fashion show in Florence, Italy, in May


Gossip was founded in Washington in 1999 and disbanded in 2016


Now, instead of her jet-black hair, the Arkansawyer now has long chestnut waves, although she still refuses to grow out her short bangs.

“A stylist told me the other day that I should grow my bangs out, and I had to tell her, ‘It’s not always about being pretty. Sometimes it’s about looking bigger’,” the singer-songwriter explained.

“As I’ve gotten older, the black hair made less sense on my face. But I miss being able to look like my weird punk self all the time, even on airplanes. That’s why I kept the bangs.”



Ditto has been married to her wife, Kristin Ogata (right), since 2013


Although they met when they were 18, Beth says “there’s just something that’s solid” about being married

“When people say they married their best friend, well, I really did it,” the feminist says of her wife of four years, Kristin Ogata.

Despite knowing each other since they were 18, Ditto says there has been a different dynamic to their relationship since they got married.

“There’s something that’s just solid, in a way that it was not solid before,” she reveals.


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