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Beth and Dog Chapman Retire From Bounty Hunting After Beth’s Throat Cancer Diagnosis


Beth and Duane “Dog” Chapman’s bounty hunting business is going to end this year, the reason being Beth’s throat cancer diagnosis. In September she had a stage II tumor removed that led to the couple’s decision to end up their bounty hunting careers.

The news was devastating for the family as they are forced to undergo the battle of their lives.


On November 27, a two-hour A&E special called Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives will premiere at the network.

In the show we will see their battle with cancer from Beth’s “diagnosis through surgery and her journey to recovery.” The family will show also the changes they will have to make in their personal/professional lives.

The show will reveal the struggles and effects that cancer has on the Chapman family. Beth wanted to use the platform to encourage the viewers to take actions.

In a recent interview, the 55-year-old explained to TooFab that her decision to share a personal story came from the fact “they experienced and shared much of their hardships with fans.”

She felt like owned it to the fans to share this story with them.

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The positivity and hope they get from fans helps them a lot to get through tough times. They feel that it’s necessary relieve the stress that comes from bounty hunting.


Beth also stated that she finds herself also questioning whether her husband will come alive or not when he leaves home for work every day. And that is very stressful for a wife.

In the interview, Dog, 64, explained that even though he was ending his career, he still hopes to find employment in law enforcement.

He stated: “I would hope that whatever I did people could profit and get happy about it. I like to see, laugh and cry when it’s in a good way. I don’t know. For 40 years, I’ve done bounty hunting. I think it’d have to be something in law enforcement.

“It’s just amazing, we’re taking it day to day, it’s amazing she’s alive. We’re so glad that people prayed to God, there’s a God. I made some deals with him this time. I made some good deals. I just thank God he’s still with us.”

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While Beth claimed that it was very difficult for her family:

“It was hard to wake up every day and know you still have it, it’s still in your body, cancer is alive and well inside me and that wasn’t a good place to be,” she said. “I had a hard time sleeping, I would wake up and just look at him sleeping thinking, ‘How is he ever going to make it without me? How will he find his car keys.’ He doesn’t think about those things.”

But she feels lucky to have made it this far:

“I’m lucky to be sharing Thanksgiving with my family, and I’m lucky to be here for these holidays.”

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