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Bethenny Frankel Sends Four Planes To Puerto Rico To Help Hurricane Victims


It seems that it has become a huge trend for celebrities to help and donate whenever there is a natural disaster, but do they do it with all their heart or just to skew their reputation on social media? One of them is totally breaking all records of being humane and helpful. The American reality TV personality Bethenny Frankel, who we know from The Real Housewives show, has flown to Puerto Rico together with four planes full of supplies for the victims of hurricane Maria.

Nearly two weeks after hurricane Maria landed on the island as a Category 4 storm on September 20, it seems like life is hard for so many people. The island has been rendered completely dysfunctional after the storm hit, and many people were left with no place to live. Many are still struggling to recover. Luckily, there are people like Bethenny, who are willing to help as much as possible.


She has taken matters into her own hands. After traveling to Mexico earlier this year to aid earthquake victims, the Skinnygirl CEO decided to travel to Puerto Rico weeks after the storm hit.

Frankel chartered four planes to the U.S. island territory filled with 20,000 lbs. of medical and survival supplies. These included water, canned goods, baby food, diapers and insulin donated by various organizations through the reality TV star’s B Strong charity. She also came with nearly $60,000 in gift cards, thanks to Costco and Yieldstreet, which were distributed to peolpe impacted by the hurricane.

“This is a forgotten island,” Frankel stated for People. “People have been living on their roofs for 13 days. It is like nothing I have ever seen. People’s entire homes and cars are immersed in mud, the likes I’ve never seen.”

After Hurricane Maria hit the island, residents were living without power and limited access to clean drinking water. It is estimated that at least 16 people have died as a result of the hurricane.

“We arrived in the first town before their own mayor,” Frankel told People. “We pulled onto a street with a truck of basic necessities, and you would have thought I was giving out diamonds. What struck me was people politely waiting in line patiently. They are so proud. I gave them cash cards in envelopes, and they were emotional yet still proud. Their faith is intact.”

“There is no color on the island,” she also added. “Every palm tree is rooted. This bitch hit every inch of this island. The low death toll is only counting what happened when it hit, but a storm happens more gradually than a hurricane. Now is when people are dying. They are starving. It is a war zone. I do not play the blame game, but the 73 towns of Puerto Rico need to be methodically mapped out and visited, and the relief needs to be organized, delegated and executed.”

After this wonderful woman distributed the supplies across the island, she helped a couple of cancer patients travel to the mainland to seek medical attention.

It was reported that her donations together with those from celebrities like Andy Cohen and Elvis Duran, and support from The Global Empowerment Mission, Frankel is set to raise more than $1 million for hurricane relief.

Interestingly enough, she is already making efforts to get a fifth plane sent to the island.

Here’s the strength of the recent hurricane storms described in this article.


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