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Riverdale’s Archie Might Break Up Betty And Jughead Because He Is The Worst


The hype is real because the second season of the overnihgt hit Riverdale premiered on October 11.

A ton of teasers for the second season of the highly successful teen drama have been releasing a ton of teasers to get the fans excited and we are so ready for the return of “Dark Betty.”

The latest trailer is about Archie and how he might be the one that comes between Betty and Jughead.

During an interview with TV Line, Cole Sprouse said that the whole show will get “darker and stranger”.


“For a long time, Archie was what Betty wanted. And I don’t think it’s like a switch being flipped, that that just changes,” said the show’s executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa according to Diply.

“Now that he’s a little bit older, a little bit wiser, is he like, ‘Wow, I let this really good thing get away’? And is it too late?” he added.

What? I mean, we all saw the look that he gave Betty last season but it might be too late.


The fans already know that she once had deep feelings for her friend Archie, and since he didn’t feel the same way she felt for Jughead. The couple became a favorite for fans and so did Archie and Veronica when they got together in the final episodes of last season.


We always knew though, that there was something going on between Betty and Jughead. The series newcomer Vanessa Morgan will be playing Toni Topaz. It doesn’t help Jughead’s chances that Betty and Archie can be the most iconic couple out there. So Riverdale will be hard to avoid with their classic romance and the famous love triangle with Veronica.

And that doesn’t mean that fans are happy about it.


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So if Riverdale does Jughead like that, then we have to channel our inner Veronica Lodge.

And Archie? Shouldn’t he be focusing on his music career?

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What do you guys think? Will we see Betty with Archie together this season? Leave a comment down below and let us know.

Source: Diply

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