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15 Incredibly Dangerous And Aggressive Dogs Behind “Beware Of Dog” Signs


A “Beware of the Dog” sign usually makes one expect a bloodthirsty beast ready to defend a property at all costs – of perhaps that’s the image it is supposed to induce. What often hides behind the fences that hold those signs, though, might be exactly the opposite: an incredibly cute pup, a pacifist old dog, or even a cat trying to make itself look menacing. That, however, does not mean these animals cannot hurt you: you might end up being ferociously attacked with adorableness, licked to death or made to throw a stick until you run out of breath and perish. So, you know, beware of the dog!

Bored Panda has collected a list of these dangerous dogs (and other animals) so you can keep your eyes peeled and not end up like the many unsuspecting ones before you who became their victims.

1. Shady cat, shady cat, what are they feeding you?


Source: deucalion

2. Beware of the smiling Huskey


Source: stchy

3. Media misrepresentation


Source: ioiseb

4. Be careful: he might wanna play so much that you end up late for an appointment


5. A pack of rabid dogs just waiting to pounce


Source: Golden Retriever

6. The embodiment of BAD


7. Death from the ankles down


Source: www.thewisdomjournal.com

8. A very strange-looking dog…


Source: undapants

9. Beware of a dog that can transform itself into a cat


Source: chaniefranco

10. Joey will flap his ears so hard you’ll invariably end up in trouble


Source: Berkyl

11. See how dangerous I am? Not even afraid to take on the sign that’s supposed to warn you about how dangerous I am


Source: imgur.com

12. Fake news


Source: RegalTerror

13. Seemingly more pissed off than even the most dangerous dog


14. Is that a pup or a seal?


Source: DxnM

15. That’s how they’re going to look like when they are all grown up


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