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Beyonce Breaks Internet Records With Twins Announcement


On Wednesday, the first day of February, Beyonce took to Instagram to announce that she and Jay Z are expecting twins.

And as one could have expected, the internet went crazy! The post was shared incessantly and congratulations started pouring in from near and far. for a moment it seemed like the world was revolving around the 35-year-old pop star.

But it was nothing compared to what would happen the following day.


Instagram post from Wednesday announcing her pregnancy

Thursday would bring real social-media hysteria after the hitmaker went on to expand on her announcement from the day before.

Beyonce shared a number of intimate shots of her pregnant body captioned with the words ‘I have three hearts’ referring to the twins she is carrying.

This seemed to have thrown the world into a frenzy and all major social media platforms were buzzing with posts about the news.


Beyonce has let the world in on her pregnancy by means of a fascinating photo shoot


Beyonce and Jay Z have been married for nine years and have a five-year-old daughter – Blue Ivy

Twitter statistics show that 17,000 tweets somehow related to Beyonce’s pregnancy were being posted every minute.

Only eight hours after the shots were posted, Beyonce’s pictures were shared six million times. It soon broke the record for the most liked picture on Instagram had been held by Selena Gomez with 6.3 million likes.

The pic has since passed the 9.2 million mark. And still rising.


In one photo, Beyonce imitates Botticelli’s legendary Birth of Venus from the mid-XV century


In another one Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy sends a kiss to her siblings-to-be


The Houston, Texas-born singer even slipped underwater for one of the shots while wearing nothing but a thin piece of fabric.


The series of shots not only announce the pregnancy. They also seem to be aimed at giving Beyonce’s fans a glimpse of her family life with her only child. They also pay tribute to her favorite art and make shout-outs to the past – both professional and private


5-year-old Blue Ivy’s name was reportedly inspired by a passage in Rebecca Solnit’s book The Field Guide of Getting Lost


Beyonce on top of a red car, an obvious reference to the music video for her 2016 track, Formation from the controversial album Lemonade


The photo essay also includes an image from Beyonce and Jay Z’s 2008 wedding. It’s was an intimate, tightly guarded ceremony, photos of which were unavailable to the public until now.

Only forty guests attended the wedding which took place at Jay Z’s penthouse in Tribeca, New York City. At the time, a guest lauded the spiritual quality of the ceremony, telling People Magazine that it was a “very emotional wedding”.

Now, nine years later, the fans can finally get a feel of the magical moment.



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