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A Cake Tribute To Beyoncé Winning the MTV Music Awards

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Some call Yolanda the Beyoncé of Cakes. On her How To Cake It channel she shares jaw-dropping, drool-worthy cake creations each Tuesday at 11am, Eastern Standard Time.

Yolanda says she “dreams in cake” and her creations include everything from novelty cakes, to elaborate multi-layered ones – such as the one we are sharing today. The channel has more than 2.6 million followers and has been active since January 2015.

beyoncé cake

The Beyoncé of cakes has done a fabulous, multi-story tribute to the real Beyoncé’s triumphant sweep at last year’s MTV Awards. The pop star went on to win eight awards, taking her total tally to 24. Also, breaking Madonna’s previous record of 20.

The MTV Video Music Awards is an annual award presented by the MTV music channel. Some consider it a Super Bowl for youth due to its popularity among teenagers. The original ceremony took place back in 1984. Since 2006 the winners are selected by popular vote on MTV’s website.

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The coveted statuette representing the award is the iconic “Moonman” designed by Manhattan Design, the creators of MTV’s logo.

beyoncé cake 2

Yolanda has done a great job with the tribute cake. It honors both the institution that the MTV Awards have become, as well as some of last year’s winners on each level of her cake. Check it out!

Source:How To Cake It

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