Queen Beyonce Aims To Rule Fashion Now With Instagram Photoshoot

Queen Beyonce Aims To Rule Fashion Now With Instagram Photoshoot


Seems like Queen Beyonce isn’t satisfied with ruling over the kingdom of music. She has set her sights – pardon me – curves – on fashion now.

The 36-year-old singer recently shared some rather chic photos on her Instagram, staking her claim as a fashion guru.

And she looked chic as hell:


Jay-Z’s wife would make fashion journalist and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour proud. Which, maybe, was exactly what Beyonce was aiming for, seeing as she was ‘Sittin’ on Vogues’ in her Instagram pics.

Beyonce rocked a torn top, exposing a shoulder along with cleavage. She had the t-shirt tied in a knot, exposing a glimpse of her perfectly tanned belly and wore a fiery red skirt.

I see fire.


The translucent heels helped her other features really pop.


The red mini skirt hugged her curves tightly, putting them on full display.


As above, so below: her top matched the curves on her bottom.


Wow factor: She had the top tied off to give just a peek at her toned tummy

Beyonce has a history of making her own mini photo-shoots on Instagram. Not long ago, she created another Instagram photo session, posing in tight black shorts.

Check it out:

How do you combine class with sex appeal? Like this.


All she needs now is turn this into a music video.


And she wasn’t alone, someone had to take the pics.

Her five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter gave her a hand.


All we can say is, bring it on, Queen Bee! You rocked the music world and I have this feeling that you’ll make a great fashion designer, too. I mean, who wouldn’t agree? I bet she’s already getting phone calls from Vogue.

Source: dailymail

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