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Seven Flaws In Beyonce’s Life That Prove She’s Not A Superwoman After All


Queen B is perceived as closest to Superwoman a lady can get by many of her fans, so it is perhaps no wonder that when a perfectly human flaw appears, some of them are shocked and disappointed. But despite all the spectacle she seems to be constantly involved in, taking all the glamour and glitz surrounding her aside, the Texan is still a human being: a mother, a wife and a pop-singer. Here are some aspects of Beyonce’s career that some of her fans had trouble digesting for a long time.


Perceived as a deity by her fans, these ‘flaws’ have proven Beyonce is not a Superwoman after all

The Houston-born diva has often been accused of copying other celebrities’ looks, including Jennifer Lopez. The most ardent in those allegations, however, has been the eccentric Serbian popstar Jelena Karleusa.


The Belgrade-born singer has spoken out about Beyonce stealing her outfits on several occasions and judging by some of the photo comparisons, she might have a point.


Composing & lip-syncing

One peculiar source of massive disappointment for Beyonce’s fans is the fact that for all her awards, accolades, and praise, she doesn’t actually write her own music. A strange concern, it seems, when one bears in mind that almost none of the greatest American pop stars of all time wrote their own songs, not even Elvis. Beyonce is also known to have lip-synced at important events in the past, such as the Presidential Inauguration.



One thing that Jay-Z and Beyonce would both rather wish people would forget about is the actual starting point of their relationship, perhaps since according to some sources Beyonce was 17 and her future husband was 29 when they started going out in 1998.


The Superbowl

Just like pop icon Janet Jackson before her, Beyonce Knowles showed her breasts at the 2013 Superbowl. Although it didn’t raise half the controversy Jackson’s nip-slip did, it raised concerns such “wardrobe malfunctions” might actually be a publicity stunt.

Her father

Beyonce has a complicated relationship with her father, Matthew Knowles. Although the record producer has had a big influence on his daughter’s early success, it has been reported the pop diva is not prepared to forgive him for participating in several affairs while married to her mother Tina Lawson for 31 years.


Bey once told Oprah in an interview she and her father experienced a tense business relationship with constant fighting before he was ultimately fired as her manager


Her sister

One of the biggest and most surprising scandals in the Knowles family was an altercation that occurred in an elevator at the 2014 Met Gala. Footage from the elevator shows Beyonce’s younger sister Solange attacking Jay-Z both verbally and physically.


The footage shows Solange visibly screaming at her brother-in-law before resorting to physical confrontation. The trigger allegedly was Jay-z, amid cheating rumors flirting with someone at the Gala.



One of the most controversial rumors about Beyonce’s private life continues to be the faked pregnancy conspiracy. Many believe the pop star used a surrogate for her first pregnancy with daughter Blue Ivy.


These theories seemed to go into overdrive when Bey appeared on Australian show Sunday Night rocking a baby bump; when she was to sit down, however, what was supposedly her belly simply deflated before everyone’s eyes and the screenshots were widely shared online.



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