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Beyonce and Jay-Z Chose The Best Car Seat On The Market for Their Twins


For Beyonce and Jay-Z, just as for other parents, what comes first is their children’s safety.  While on the road they made sure their 4- month-old twins would be comfortable and safe. Money is not a problem when choosing a car seat thus only the best when it comes to their kids. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the iconic duo. Recently, paparazzi photographed Jay-Z carrying one of the babies in a car seat, so now we know what is the brand of choice of Queen Bey.

source:US Weekly

The paparazzi spotted Jay-Z in New York City seven days ago, walking around with one of the babies who was comfortably seated in a Nuna PIPA seat. The price of the seat is exactly $299.95 on the manufacturer’s website and it’s available in various colors.  Safety should never be sacrificed.

The seat has a five-point harness, a dream drape and is made with a premium micro-knit fabric. Its also fairly light, weighing a little more than 7 pounds. Most importantly, they didn’t forget to put a mesh peek-a-boo window. Also, the babies eyes will be protected from the sun and rain, by a removable canopy shield. Lucky baby.

As a plus, the seat is aircraft certified to travel everywhere and beyond.

source:US Weekly

On Tuesday, the most nominated woman in Grammy history and one of the most relevant hip-hop artists of our time, were having dinner at Le Bernardin right before going to see Solange’s show at Radio City Music Hall.

The coupled were having fun in NY. They were laughing, smiling, feeling good around each other and connecting through spending some quality time together.

source: Instagram/beyonce

The media reported that Beyonce has sold the three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom apartment in Manhattan for $9.95 million, but she kept the glorious looking $6.85 million duplex downtown.
The couple’s net worth, as of this summer, is estiated at $1.16 billion.
Bey and Jay took out some cash for an $88 million dollar purchase of a mansion in LA.

Not a big deal.

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