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Classy And Sassy Like Queen Bey – Beyonce Inspired Nails


It’s outrageously trendy to be Beyonce these days, and the easiest way to get just a hint of her on you is do your nails like her. Beyonce’s last Instagram announcement (she’s pregnant with twins, you guys!) has 9.2 million likes and counting, and while you refresh that, you may as well do your nails.

For the record, these are not nails that Beyonce has had, as far as we know.

Camille from the Nails Queen Youtube channel was inspired by one of her shiny outfits and since the video of those nails was so popular on Instagram, she decided to share a tutorial.

So yeah, you can make them yourself. If they don’t work, choose a different video from the many amazing ones on this channel with more than 117K followers and you can’t go wrong.

So what to we have here?

1. Apply tips and smoothen them


2. Apply the fishnet

beyonce 1

3. Repeat this process with a few more nails, but do it on a wet product so you can make the texture scally.

beyonce 3

4. Apply shimmer on some, too.


5. File to perfect the line

beyonce 4

6. Apply some more acrylic to create the ombre texture effect for later.

beyonce 5

7. Use a striping brush to draw lines

beyonce 6

And then, on the video, follow the process step-by-step so that you don’t miss out on every part of the procedure. It’s worth it, because in the end, you’ll have these gorgeous, Beyonce-inspired nails to show of to everyone and enjoy them yourself too!

So if you’re a nail art fan, but you like to keep things classy like Queen Bey, yet dramatic like her too, then this is exactly what you need to do.

Tell us if you made it – comment with a photo of your results!

Source:The Nails Queen

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