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21 Of The Biggest Costume Mistakes In Movies


Remember that photo that circulated around the internet of Captain Jack Sparrow and the Adidas tag on his hat? Surprisingly enough, that’s not the only mistake on a costume that we’ve seen before in a movie. There have been tons of other mistakes in movie costumes, and chances are you probably haven’t noticed them before.

Here are a few examples.

1. Braveheart

Mel Gibson’s character wears a kilt. The movie takes place in the 1300s, but kilts didn’t find their way in Scotland until around the 16th century.

21 Of The Biggest Costume Mistakes In Movies 1

2. Django Unchained

Sunglasses became a thing in the US in 1929, but Django wears a pair in a movie set 70 years before that.

21 Of The Biggest Costume Mistakes In Movies 2

3. My Girl

Vada wears a mood ring, even though those were invented 3 years after the movie took place. Not so bad then.


4. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

Indie fights Nazis that wear medals used in WWII, even though the events in the movie take place long before that.


5. Schindler’s List

The people in concentration camp certainly didn’t have time to think about shaving legs and armpits, odd for the women considering shaving wasn’t a thing back in the 40s.


6. Pirates Of The Caribbean

One of our favorite mistakes. He must have gone on the wrong set, with the better donuts.


7. Singin’ In The Rain

Cathy wears this 1950s dress model, yet the story takes place in the 1920s.


8. Seabiscuit

Chinstraps weren’t introduced to horse racing until 1956, but the jockeys in the movie still wear them even though it takes place in the 30s.


9. The Aviator

No frameless glasses in the 1920s.


10. Pearl Harbour

Even though nylon stockings were common in WWII, none of the women in the movie wear them.


11. The Ten Commandments

This dress color cannot be found in nature, so there’s no way it could be produced in the time.


12. Amadeus

The clothes have zippers… which were invented 120 years after Mozart had died.


13. American Hustle

That Rolex he’s wearing? That was made in 2010, but the movie takes place in the 70s.


14. Dirty Dancing

Those shorts were everywhere in the 80s… Shame the movie takes place in the 60s.


15. Alien

Did you ever notice that Kane’s hood just magically disappears when the alien removes his helmet?


16. The Empire Strikes Back


17. The Wizard Of Oz

Dorothy’s ruby slippers all of a sudden become black shoes.


18. The Avengers


19. The Wedding Singer

Drew Barrymore’s character traveled back to the ’80s, but her outfit was extremely ’90s. Wait, what?


20. The Informant

This story takes place in the early ’90s, yet the Nike golf shoes that show up in the movie were made after 1996.


21. Gladiator

The bike shorts that appeared in this scene were somewhat unknown in Ancient Roman times, too…



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