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Woman Gives Birth to “1 in 33,000” Baby Boy And The Great-grandfather Is Thrilled


Sometimes, life brings you miracles and you find it hard to believe until it happens to you. Take giving birth for example. A living person comes out if a woman’s body and it’s simply amazing how life works. The events surrounding some births are truly meant to be special. To prove that some babies are indeed rare and special, here is a story about a baby who was born on the same date like his father and his great-grandfather. What are the odds? Well, according to Metropolitan State University mathematics and computer science professor Dr. Ben Dyhr, the chances of three out of four generations sharing the same birthday are almost impossible. He predicts it is nearly one in every 33,374 births. Wow!


On July 1st this year, parents Connor and Jordan Eppard welcomed their second child, baby boy Beauden Mathew James Eppard. This made him special because he was the third Eppard male in four generations with the same birthday. The baby’s father, Connor James Eppard, was born July 1st 1990. The baby’s great-grandfather James “Jim” Morrisette, was born July 1st, 1931. Isn’t it miraculous?

You may think this was planned ahead, but, in act, it wasn’t. Baby Beauden actually came 17 days earlier than expected. Something extraordinary happened when his mother, 26-year-old Jordan Eppard had to undergo an emergency C-section. After she experienced some complications, she gave birth on July 1st.

“It’s just totally amazing. They are all so close,” said the baby’s 26-year-old mother, Jordan.

When Jordyn Eppard first learned she was pregnant with her son, she didn’t think much of the birth date. As she was due mid-July, the idea of the July 1st baby was not in her head. But when the mom started to experience labor pains two weeks before her due date, she realized the idea might be possible.

In an interview with TODAY, the mom explains what it was like to be rushed in for the emergency Cesarean-section. “I did not want him to come on the 1 at all because it was 17 days early. That can sometimes cause problems,” Jordyn says. “For me, I just wanted him to be healthy more than anything.”

Beauden weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces, Band was born healthy and ready to tackle this world. His father Connor couldn’t wait to share the news with his grandfather.

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While his wife was recovering, Connor got on the phone with Beauden’s great-grandpa to let him know about the news. The dad described James as being “speechless.” In a few hours, James rushed to the hospital to visit the little boy. Such a cute story!

If you want more details, watch the whole video below:

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