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What Does Your Birth Month Reveal About You? Find Out Here!


The month you are born in can tell a lot of stuff about your personality. It can also decide what kind of virtues you will develop. Basically, your birth month can determine what you like and what you don’t, and it can paint a broad picture about your personality.

If you take astrology seriously, then there is no need in emphasizing the really accurate predictions this study has come up with. It can truly see your behavioral patterns and interests.

The attributes assigned to someone’s personality by their birth month can be pretty authentic, with a degree of precision that borders on the paranormal.

Check your month and determine for yourself how much of this is true.

1. January

Those born in January tend to be a bit headstrong, tenacious and overly ardent. They always want to size up those around them, and are constantly ready to tell others why they should do, how to do it and why.


2. February

Folks from February tend to have an arty side to their personality, along with some wits as well. They are very self-aware, and can be a bit restless, with a side note of free-will. At times they seem to be a bit combative, but they do have an emotional string in their character.


3. March

People born in March can have a bit of mysterious side, to compliment their shyness. Their altruistic side is most visible, mostly in their kindness towards most people around them. If they trust you, they will follow you to the end of the world, but if you break that trust, it’s goodbye forever.


4. April

People born in April are most commonly lean, strong and sporty, and constantly in a hurry of some kind. They flourish in the limelight, and have and adventurous side that always pushes them towards new risky undertakings.


5. May

People whose birthday is in May are good looking, and and mostly with vivid imagination. It’s fantasy that guides them both in life and in their dreams.


6. June

Those born in June can be very emotional and amiable to a high degree. They speak with gentle and a quiet voice, which invites people to really hear what they have to say.


7. July

People born in July are commonly those that bring joy and laughter to any company, and usually have a righteous and strong personality. They are very often high spirited and full of life.


8. August

People born in August are generally considered to be whimsy and fun. They are also recognized as firm leaders and tend to be very sociable.


9. September

Those born in September are diligent, but also not shy to speak their mind. They aim for perfection in whatever they do, hence expecting the world and people around them to be the same.


10. October

Independence is very important to people born in October. They are articulate and joy to be around. Since they are known as aesthetic in their own right, they can easily communicate and fraternize with anyone.  They are vivacious and always with positive outlook on things.


11. November

Those born in November can be ornery and mysterious. They can achieve great things, but only if inspired in the right way. Their though is brisk and nimble, they can inspire themselves and avoid asking for help from anyone.


12. December

December is the birth month of people who are dynamic and persuasive. Generally very fun to be around, they also pull all the attention to themselves whenever they are in a group. They also can be very prideful and not approving of anything or anyone that limits or restrains them.


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