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This Is The Hidden Message Behind Your Birthmark


I mean, not every one is lucky to be born with a birthmark. They were and still are for some people a source of mythology and a superstitious belief.


Way before, moles and birthmarks were considered a mark of Satan or a sign of the witch. Some others believe that they served as a mar of prestige. Now, we know that they are caused by abnormal blood vessels under our skin but it is still fun to wonder if some of these beliefs were true.

Check your birthmark and if you see a knife, dagger or sword, it could very much indicate that your last life ended with a fatal stabbing. Ouch!

Or, if you see the shape of a flame, you likely died by fire while a circular birthmark could indicate death by bullet.


Source: Edmund Leighton / Wikipedia

The sign of a sword or dagger could mean that you once were a warrior or soldier in your past life. It could also suggest that you were someone who fought your own demons.

And if it looks like a spoon, feather or hammer, it could mean that you were a cook or maybe a blacksmith. For some people, their birthmark could indicate what gender they were in their previous life.


Does it look like a rabbit?

Source: Nicole Southgate / Flickr

In fact, some cultures believe that we were born with a spirit animal by our side like a guardian angel for example. A mark in the form of the paw print means you were born with a special animal guide. Some others believe that it could mean you were that creature before coming into this life.


Source: Marc Levin/ Flickr

A certain shaped birthmark could mean that you have been born with extra protection. What do you guys think? What is your birthmark?

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