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Find Out What Your Birthstone Says About Your Character


A birthstone is a type of gemstone that corresponds with a person’s month of birth. There are many theories about their origin, and different gemstones were linked to different months in various eras and places.

Some trace the origin of birthstones all the way back to the Bible, where in the Book of Exodus Aaron is described as having worn a breastplate with twelve different stones.

Different researchers have linked places like XIV century Germany and XVIII Poland as the birthplaces of the modern birthstone-wearing traditions as we know them today. However, what we know for sure is that the connection between gemstones and months of birth was standardized in 1912 in Kansas by the US National Association of Jewelers (today called Jewelers of America).

So read up on which one is yours and find out if its characteristics have meaning for you.

1. January – Garnet


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Garnet can come in different shades but is most commonly red. It often appears in folklore as a protective stone. It is believed to radiate calmness, grounding the person who wears it and even healing them emotionally. People born in January tend to be influential leaders and diplomats.

2. February – Amethyst


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This purple gem is believed to ward off stress and negativity. In tales, it is to source of courage and bravery. Amethyst people are thought to be generous and selfless, modest altruists always there for their fellow man. In relationships, both romantic and friendships, they are usually very loyal.

3. March – Aquamarine


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Aquamarine is the birthstone of people born in March. Its name comes from the Latin aqua marina, meaning seawater because its color ranges from blue to green. In mythology, aquamarine stones promote knowledge and extinguish fears. People born in March tend to be honest and trustworthy, as well as communicative and imaginative.

4. April – Diamond


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Diamonds come in many shapes and colors, but when seen as birthstones they are associated with innocence, purity and strength. Diamond folks are therefore believed to be practical and strong in adversity. They may indulge in material possessions, but are also purposeful in their lives.

5. May – Emerald


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The emerald has been the most prized gemstone in many cultures, including the Ancient Egyptians, the Romans and the Mayans. In popular lore, the stone invites health, love and prosperity and its carriers are considered witty, wise, focused and patient.

6. June – Pearl


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Pearls are symbols of nature and purity. They are believed to radiate calm to the wearer and are considered sacred and spiritual. People born in June are creative, charitable and value integrity highly. They tend to think with their hearts, but more often than not this leads them to the right decisions.

7. July – Ruby


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Perhaps because of their color, rubies are associated with love and passion. In some cultures, it is believed they possess protective powers. Ruby-born people are ambitious and courageous, but also emotional. They are often very determined leaders who people want to follow.

8. August – Peridot


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The color of peridot stones can range from light green to greenish-gold. Folklore associates peridot with mythological goddesses of nature and is believed to ward off nightmares. Those born with this gem are very friendly, open and talkative due to their confidence and inner strength.

9. September – Sapphire


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Although sapphires’ most popular incarnation is the blue one, they can also be pink, white, or yellow. They are symbols of wisdom, healing, good fortune and healing. Sapphire folks tend to be humble and smart; they are very loyal to their loved ones and have the talent of spotting dishonest people right away.

10. October – Opal


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Opals are the birthstones for October babies and stand for beauty, confidence and loyalty. They are also considered protective. People born in this month are humanitarian, emphatic and positive. They are also considered creative and will more often than not find a way to turn their goals into reality.

11. November – Citrine


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Citrine’s famous golden hue has equated this gemstone with wealth, riches and abundance. In folk tales it is also a provider of energy and creativity. Citrine people are wonderful and forgiving friends. Their character traits include warmth, mental stability and reliability.

12. December – Turquoise


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These popular ancient stones can range from blue to green. They are considered symbols of good luck, health, happiness and love. Those born under this stone are free-spirited, open minded people who love to take risks. They are daring but good at what they do. Known for their very laid back character, turquoise people rarely allow stress and pressure get to them.

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