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Why Has Biting Medal Become a Tradition?


Do you know why Olympic champions bite their medals?

Did you notice at this year’s Olympics in Rio, after the Olympians had been presented with their medals, they posed for their photograph. Most of them did the same pose. Not only did they stand tall and proud, but a very different posed followed! This stems from the ‘creativity’ of the photographers. This pose started around 1991 when a photographer thought just standing holding the medal didn’t reflect the joy and elation of the occasion and so suggested the Olympian bite the medal. This practice, of course, has its roots in money counterfeiting. Money handlers would bite down on coins to test their authenticity. Gold is a relatively soft metal and would leave a tooth imprint if real.

Lets all bite together!

  1. Derek Redmond, John Regis, Roger Black and Kriss Akabusi of Great Britain bite their gold medals after winning the 4 x 400 metres relay event

This is not a new trend. Champions have been biting their medals since 1991.


2. This isn’t Mo’s first bite of the medal!



3. Neymar Brazilian Captain

And just between us...even gold Olympic medals are almost 93% silver.


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