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20 Strange But Genius Inventions That Only The Japanese Could Have Invented


Japan is a country of sights and culture. It’s one of those places in the world that most people dream to visit. However, no matter what you make of Japan, there’s one thing that you can’t dispute about it: they’re always the people behind the strangest inventions out there. I would give you a few examples, but that would be pointless because some of the best ones are right here on this list, and these items were seen all over Imgur. Let’s take a look and see where the Japanese have gone with their invention.

1. Diet half-bowl


2. Cup noodle figure

This guy is temperature sensitive and tells you when your noodles are ready. When they are, his arms turn white and he falls off.


3. A bubble wrap keychain

An endless supply of bubble wrap in one small keychain? Sign me up.


4. Pant towels

For those that wipe their hands on their jeans.


5. Nose lifter

A special device that attaches to your nose and channels vibrations through your nasal bones.


6. Air conditioned shoes

If you have a problem with sweaty and smelly feet.


7. Stick butter

To fully coat your piece of toast. I love that it says “BUTTER STICK TYPE” on the packaging.


8. Subway sleeping hat

It allows you to sleep on the subway without falling off, as well as letting passengers know when they should wake you up.


9. Slicing hand

Cut up some food without worrying about slicing off your fingers.


10. Sound catching pillow

Making sure you’ll hear all of your movies or TV shows while lying down.


11. Tiebrella

A tie that doubles as an umbrella, so that the rain doesn’t mess up your suit.


12. Toilet roll attached to your head

So you have a basically endless supply of toilet paper on your head. I wouldn’t suggest going out in public with this, though.


13. Thumb extender

If you have a phone that’s bigger than 5.5 inches.


14. About the most useless item on this list

A tool that automatically clicks Ctrl+Alt+Del on your keyboard. Literally. That’s all it does.


15. Noodle fan

Cools down your noodles. What’s not to like?


16. Flexible shoes

They wrap around and you don’t have to tie anything. Perfect for those who hate shoelaces.


17. Portable commuter seat

A workaround for all the times you couldn’t find a spot on the bus.


18. Multi-tool gloves


19. Back scratcher t-shirt


20. Engagement game bra

When the guy decides the wearer is the one for them, they have to stop the countdown timer by feeding it an engagement ring. Sounds a little unnecessary.



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