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Bizarre Undergarments Popular In Asia Are Now Sweeping The UK


Those who are willing to look won’t have trouble finding a wide array of quirky, eccentric, even downright bizarre undergarments these days. From the barely there c-string to bottom-boosting pants, we thought we had seen it all, but the newfound popularity of camel toe panties might just take the cake.

This new garment has been popular in Asia for a while, but it seems like it is now gaining traction in the west as well, as it recently made its way to the United Kingdom where it can be purchased from Amazon in a variety of different skin tones for approximately $35.

According to data from the British National Health Service, the so-called ‘designer vagina’ procedures have increased fivefold in recent years and it is thought that the growing popularity of the unusual lingerie coincides with this trend.

The procedure which can be performed surgically or by laser costs between $600 and $5,000 and comes with side effects and recovery time, whereas the underwear is a much cheaper alternative for women who feel self-conscious about the appearance of their vulvas.

Model Georgia from Norwich, England recently posed in a pair for Femail.

“They feel like normal panties, they’re comfortable and cottony,” she said. “You don’t really notice that’s there, although other people will. With tight leggings, it would be pretty noticeable.”


Model Georgina from Norwich tried out camel toe panties for Femail


Although the silicone camel toe does show through tight leggings, the effect is reasonably subtle


“It doesn’t feel alien. When you put them on it moves with the curve of your body more. I don’t think they’re for me personally, but each to their own,” Georgina said


The garment has been popular in Japan for around a decade and is now making its way to the UK


“I don’t think people would be as shocked,” the Norwich model said. “It’s not as noticeable. They’re just large knickers like you would wear tummy tuck pants, like a strong Lycra.”


The pants also have a bottom lifting effect and are marketed as a multi-tasking product

NHS figures have shown that 2,000 women had a ‘designer vagina’ procedure in 2010, which is a fivefold increase since 2001. In 2015, 100,000 patients underwent a similar procedure worldwide.

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), a further 50,000 had vaginal rejuvenation – the tightening of the canal.

Some experts believe that online pornography has made women more self-conscious about how their intimate areas look.

Nolan Karp, a plastic surgeon based in New York, said: “Women have become much more concerned about the appearance of their genitalia. How many nude women, before the internet, would a woman see in her lifetime? Not many, you know.”

“But people today understand what is pretty, what is normal, what looks good, what doesn’t look good,” Karp concludes.


The undergarments are available in a variety of colors and skin tones



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