Million-To-One Chance: Black Mother Gives Birth To White Daughter

When you give birth to a baby you are probably expecting that your child will look at least a little bit like you. Which is why it’s completely understandable that black mother Sophia Blake was flabbergasted when her daughter Tiara was born completely white, as reported by the DailyMail.

Tiara’s father, 60-year-old Christopher Perkins, who is currently out of the picture, is white, but neither he nor Sophia ever expected a white baby girl with blue eyes. At the very least they thought they would welcome a daughter who was a mixture of both parents.

“Black skin is usually dominant and my family, which hails from Jamaica, is very black. But at the very least I thought Tiara would be a mixture of Christopher and myself,” Miss Blake revealed.

The marketing executive from Selly Oak, Birmingham, continued, “I was so shocked when she was born I actually said to the midwife, ‘Is she mine?’ I simply couldn’t get over her being so pale and blue-eyed. Doctors explained it was a million in one chance that Tiara was so white and it was likely there was a white gene in my family which had remained dormant until now.”


Tiara’s parents also believed that time would darken her hair and her skin, but that was not the case as the little one, who is now four years old, grew up a beautiful little white girl.

“I’ve read about white babies being born to black mums before,” said Miss Blake, “but the child still has afro hair and features – which Tiara doesn’t. She has naturally long straight hair.”


Making assumptions

This dissimilarity between mother and daughter has been the root of many problems as people immediately assume that the different skin color indicates that the little girl must be adopted.

“I can’t walk down the road with Tiara without someone making a comment,” said Miss Blake. “People simply don’t believe Tiara is my little girl because she looks so completely different.”

The problems follow the family wherever they go. At school, at the doctor’s office, or simply walking down the street, Sophia and Tiara are bombarded with attention.

“I do get tired of explaining she is my daughter,” Miss Blake said. “But even doctors and teachers seem confused. For example, when I recently visited our doctor’s surgery the GP wanted to check if I was Tiara’s social worker or guardian. When I told him sternly that I was Tiara’s mother, he was incredibly embarrassed and apologized profusely, but it happens all the time,” she added.

The 45-year-old also spoke about the fact that Tiara recently started school which brought a whole set of new hurdles to overcome: “When Tiara ran out of class and shouted ‘mum’ to me I knew what those mothers who don’t know me were thinking – that Tiara must be adopted.”


Black and white

Sophia has another daughter from a previous relationship. The fact that 17-year-old Donchae was born black like her mother, only serves to give people more reason to doubt whether little Tiara really is Sophia’s daughter.

“And the situation is even more pronounced when I go out with my mother, other daughter Donchae and Tiara because the fact we are all dark emphasises how white she is,” she said.


Raising awareness

The mother-of-two has a very important reason why she decided to share her story with the world. She wants to raise awareness that mixed children can be born very white or very black too.

“When she was very tiny I didn’t mind so much. But as Tiara has grown older it has become more of a problem,” Miss Blake confessed. “Until I had Tiara I didn’t appreciate how much we all identify ourselves with being white or black – and the issue now is Tiara has a black family but looks white. Sometimes she says, ‘why don’t we look alike mummy?’ I explain she is mixed race but it is very confusing for her.”


The different skin color means nothing as mother and daughter share very similar personalities. In fact, they are like “two peas in a pod”.

“We are both extrovert, independent with a quirky sense of humour. And once people get to know us well they say we are very alike!” Miss Blake added, “And maybe as her mum I’m biased but I do think she is so beautiful and I am just so proud.”

Source: Dailymail