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Blake Lively Is The New Instagram Fashion Queen


The 30-year-old actress and gorgeous-looking lady, Blake Lively stole our hearts in the tv show Gossip Girl. Her character of Serena van der Woodsen was complicated, wild, but beyond fashionable. Coincidence or not, she is the queen of fashion in real life, indeed. The mother-of-two, besides having a great sense of humor on social media, is also an Instagram fashion icon. From traveling pants to Gossip Girl gowns, Blake has made a name for herself in the fashion world, and her posts show just that.

Blake first role came in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Her style may have initially been a plain old pair of jeans, but the evolution that ensued truly is amazing. Here’s a collection of Blake Lively’s fashion style made by Diply.


And… Serena van der Woodsen was born.

Blake played the Upper East Side’s “It girl,” Serena, who perfectly embodied New York City schoolgirl chic. Her outfits were unforgettable.


Can we all stop and sigh for how amazing her husband is? Blake and Ryan Reynolds are probably the hottest couple in Hollywood.

Instagram | @blakelively

Blake’s unique style, however, is what makes women envy her. Here is one of her Chanel outfits, which she topped off with Louboutin heels.

Instagram | @blakelively

You wouldn’t even believe she actually has two children, her beautiful daughters, one-year-old Ines, and almost-3-year-old James.

Instagram | @blakelively

Looking elegant!

Instagram | @blakelively

Wearing an entirely yellow outfit is not an issue for her. As a matter of fact, she looks amazing! One of Blake’s favorite jewelers is Lorraine Schwartz. She wears their stuff frequently on events, mostly rings and earrings.

Instagram | @blakelively

Blake’s presence is impossible to miss, especially with some help from another pair of Louboutin shoes! Her hair is always simple, while the focus is on the dress and shoes as well.

Instagram | @blakelively

Matching the red carpet is a piece of cake Blake. She went all out with her stylist when she wore this stunning Michael Kors dress.

Instagram | @blakelively

Being bold? It’s one of her traits, actually. Rocking this flowy Oscar de la Renta piece was no problem for Blake, who is even brave enough to wear a neon dress!

Instagram | @blakelively

Her award show glow is certainly the best, though. The Los Angeles-born publicly thanked the group of talent it took to make this look happen for the Golden Globes. She was wearing Versace.

Instagram | @blakelively

Her style varies and she likes being playful, too.

Instagram | @blakelively

Nails, clutches, and jewelry are extremely important details to her!

Instagram | @blakelively

These small touches complete her amazing outfits.

Instagram | @blakelively

Never enough shoes!

Instagram | @blakelively

They are an important part of her impeccable style.

Instagram | @blakelively

Here is Blake talking about her daughter Ines in the cutest possible way.

Source: diply

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