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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Out And About With Their Two Beautiful Daughters


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have finally decided to reveal their adorable little family in public.

For the first time, the 40-year-old Deadpool star and the 29-year-old actress stepped out in public with their two gorgeous kids, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Sporting a glamorous blue dress and some serious heels, Lively flawlessly played mom to the girls, smiling widely the whole time.

reynolds 4

They brought with them 2-year-old James and 4-month-old Ines, with James brandishing some totally radical curly blonde hair!

reynolds 3

Reynolds told Extra of the occasion, “This is one of the rare occasions when we thought, ‘We got to bring the clan.’ I’d regret it in 20 years if I didn’t.”

James looks quite a lot like her mother, with the aforementioned platinum blonde curly hair, and she seems fairly comfortable with the camera. The same can’t be said for little Ines though.

“It’s not the first time she’s snatched a mic out of someone’s hands,” Reynolds joked. “When she’s 20, she can happily do whatever she wants. Thirty — I’m gonna up that to 30.”

Reynolds and Lively are notoriously private about their children. Though they are both active on social media, they don’t post pictures showing their kids’ faces.

Reynolds also took time during his speech to thank Lively, saying she is “everything to me.”

reynolds 1

He added, joking, “You are the best thing, the best thing that has ever happened to me — second only to this star…. You make everything better, absolutely everything in my life better. You’ve made me the father of my dreams when I thought I only had fun uncle potential.”

What a couple, and what a pair of daughters! Check out the video below:

Source:Variety, sheknows

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