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Blake Lively’s Two-Year-Old Daughter, Could Be The One Saying “Gorgeous” On Taylor Swift’s New Song


Taylor Swift is a legend when it comes to adding hints, disses or other meanings to her songs. She proved that in her latest single “Look What You Made Me Do” which allegedly thros shade on Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West etc.

But a new Taylor Swift song, means a new mystery and fans think they have now figured it out. The lyrics in “Gorgeous”, have speculating that it is Blake Lively’s daughter cooing at the top of the song.

The 27-year-old dropped the single from her Reputation album on October 20. The song is called “Gorgeous” and has already sparked a major conversation online.

In the song, it is believed that she is dissing her former flames Tom Hiddleston 36, Calvin Harris, 33, and also there’s a love-letter to her latest beau, Joe Alwyn, 26. Asides from all the dissing, there is one thing that fans are not sure about. Who is the baby that’s cooing “gorgeous” when the song starts?

Fans took this discussion to Twitter, and it seems like all of them agree that it’s Blake Lively’s two-year-old daughter, James Reynolds. Even though nothing is confirmed by the singer, this would actually make sense.

Blake and her husband Ryan Reynolds are very close with the singer. Taylor was by Blake’s side right after she gave birth to her daughter Ines, last year.

“It is rumoured that the child’s voice at the start of Taylor’s Swift’s new song, #Gorgeous is Blake and Ryan’s daughter James,” a tweet from the Blake Lively News Twitter handle shared.  Anyways, some think that this theory is too easy.

“It’s not who you would expect it to be,” Taylor fan @SwiftBethany13 speculated.

When a fan asked her to identify the baby, Taylor wrote “300 people know,” referring to her fans who listened to the album during  Reputation’s secret sessions.

Seems like this is a secret that Taylor is not willing to share. Not yet!




With her two daughters.


She already knows who Blake Lively is.


She seems so happy.


So cute!








Quality time.




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