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Blind Man Sees His Girlfriend For The First TIme


Even though sometimes we get disappointed by the world we live in, every now and then something happens that makes us think humans are actually okay. These cases like the one below are heartwarming and amazing. Hunter Tribe is a blind man and had never seen his girlfriend before due to a disease that has given him impaired sight.


TV show host, Rachael Ray, utilized a pair of glasses that allowed him to see things that he had not been able to see before.  The audience is on tenterhooks as he puts the glasses on for the first time.


His girlfriend is standing in front of him nervously waiting for Hunter to see her for the first time. He first focuses on her chest and makes his way up to the face. To see this beautiful moment as he says: “She looks amazing,” check out the video below.

Source:Rachael Ray Show

But it doesn’t end quite there. He gets down on one knee and proposes to his girlfriend claiming that the marriage will take place in one week on the show.


The glasses cost $15k so you have to be a rich blind man to own them. Welcome to the future, it is brighter than ever.


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