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Who Knew That Bob Dylan’s Grandson Grew Up So Hot?!


Bob Dylan is by far one of the best musicians that walked this earth (at least in our time), and he’s a legend, period. If you had a penny for every time you heard Knockin On Heaven’s Door, you’d probably be a millionaire, like him. Well, with all those hits, concerts and a career of almost 60 years, it’s understandable.

Remember his son Jakob? It’s been long since he was an adolescent, and it seems that’s the only way we remember him. He’s now 47 years old, and he’s a dad. And not like, a dad of a baby – his son was born in 1994, which makes him, what, around 23?

Wait ’till you see him, though, you guys. He’s a model.

Let’s get to the Bob Dylan history lesson first.

In 1965, Bob married Sara Lownds, who was working at the time as a model and a secretary to Drew Associates.


They had four children together, and he also adopted Sara’s daughter from a previous marriage.


They do look like the perfect family, but alas, they got a divorce in 1977. It never stopped them for supporting their children’s careers.


This is Jakob today, he looks as good as he is talented.


His band, The Wallflowers has released six albums since 1992.


It was pretty hard for people to get him to talk about his dad, but you can all rest, he said that it was a good relationship with Bob, in 2005. He said that Bob was an affectionate dad and that they have a great relationship.



Do you think they look alike?

bob dylan8

And, oh my! Levi Dylan, ladies and gentlemen.

bob dylan 99

He did want to become a musician like his dad and grandpa, and we’ll still be waiting and biting our nails until that happens.

bob dylan10

“I gave up on music. I still love to play, but it’s too hard to make a living. And I think that was a mature decision to make,” he said.

bob dylan11

Lucky for the world, he got himself a modeling career, but you have to wait in line. His girlfriend is also super-lovely, a photographer named Alana O’Herlihy. She’s the one who got him interested in modeling.

Conquer the world, Levi Dylan, and we’d love to hear you play!

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