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Body Language Reveals If A Relationship Is Happy Or Not


We don’t always need to use words to communicate. Often we do it even without meaning to. The language of our bodies can even give away what we may wish to keep hidden. The posture of the body, the gestures, the eye movements, and the facial expression can convey more meaning than we can imagine. We just need to know how to read what is clearly written in our bodies.

There have been some debates about whether the body language is universal or if it varies from culture to culture. There are definitely some gestures that have different meanings for different peoples. But when it comes to relationships, there are certain signs that make it quite obvious how two people feel about each other. Here are 13 examples of body language, compiled by Aunty Acid, that can reveal how you really feel about someone.

1. The angle of your body


When both partners have their bodies slightly turned towards each other and they are holding hands like they do in this picture, it means they are both yearning for closeness.

Hand holding reveals the existence of a profound bond between two beings, and the fact that they are emotionally very close.

2. “He’s mine” gesture


This gesture is mostly used by women. When they place their hand on their partner’s chest like this, they are saying, “Stay away, he’s mine.” This shows that they are feeling possessive, and are subtly warning off potential rivals.

3. Mutual care


When two partners are sitting close together, their bodies turned towards each other, and neither of them is trying to control the other or to resist, then this signifies the existence of mutual care and a good sexual relationship between them.

4. Holding hands


All couples naturally end up holding hands. It’s a position which shows that both partners are used to being with each other and doing everything together. Holding hands also indicates a strong and deep connection. The person who places their hand on top, usually is the leader in the relationship.

5. Sitting on lap


When a woman sits on a man’s lap it doesn’t just mean that they share a good sexual relationship. By choosing to sit with him like that, the woman can show that she depends on him. Sitting like this means that both partners trust each other and are very relaxed when together.

6. Who’s the boss?


Let’s take this photo for example. Notice the woman’s body positioning: she is standing in front of the man, and trying to take up more space than him. We can tell that she is very confident and that she is the leader out of the two of them.

Something else that shows whether you are a leader or not is the positioning of your hands. If you keep them in your pockets, you’re probably feeling anxious or embarrassed, and it’s not likely that you are the leader, no matter the kind of partnership you’re in.

7. In full view


Some people just want to be the centre of attention, and it shows in their body posture. They look very confident, like this couple here. They hold on to each other, but at the same time they keep their distance so you can fully see both of them. Now, this could be either because their relationship is still quite new, or because they both like showing off in public.

8. Attachment


The way she casually has her hand on his shoulder, and he has an arm around her waist can indicate a great attachment between the two. They are equal in this position: neither of them is the dominant one. A couple who adopts this pose feels comfortable and at ease when together. Their mutual trust is absolute and know that they can rely on each other comes what may.

9. A hand on the hip or butt


It’s quite natural to have a hand on your partner’s waist, but what does it mean if the hand strays lower than your back? It’s not always a sexual thing. Placing a hand there could indicate an overprotective behaviour: the man wants to show that the woman belongs to him and that they share a close relationship.

10. Arm around the shoulder


When a man puts his hand on a woman’s shoulder like this it means that he cares about her more than anything else, and that he is determined to protect her. Also, you can notice in the picture that both partners are walking in perfect synchronization. We can tell from this that they are focused on each other and that their relationship is well balanced with mutual care and understanding.

11. Linked arms


This one is a classic. A woman holding her partner’s arm like this feels protected and depends on him. When they walk like this, usually the man is positioned just a little in front of his lady. This could mean that he is the dominant one in the relationship and that she can rely on him.

12. Linked arms, with a twist


This position can also be described as linked arms. But here it’s the man who is holding the woman by the forearm. This is quite an aggressive gesture as it means that the man controls and owns his partner and wants to show her off to the public.

13. Crossed legs


When someone crosses their legs, it means that they are very confident. The “alpha position” is often adopted by powerful people who don’t rely on their partner’s opinion. This can indicate either that they are in a trusting relationship, or that one of the partners is very dominant.

So now that we’ve learned what the body positioning means, let’s take a quick look at these photographs of celebrity couples.

Donald Trump and Marla Maples (left), Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis (right)


Trump was married to Marla Maples for only 6 years, but their marriage was very loving and passionate. Their fondness for each other is clear in this photo where they are standing very close. And still this relationship ended in a divorce.

On the right we have Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. They were together for 14 years. Their mutual affection is evident in the photo: their bodies are angled towards each other, their hands are intertwined, and they are standing quite close. Sadly, this marriage also ended when Depp had an affair with Amber Heard.

Now let’s see who Trump and Depp ended up with after these relationships were over.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump (left), Johnny Depp and Amber Heard


Donald Trump and Melania Knauss got married in 2005, and their romance was widely covered by the media. But in a lot of photos, Melania looks very tense, and Trump often displays some ownership gesture. Nowadays, they are almost never seen holding hands; Melania was even seen swatting Trump’s hand away in public.

After he separated with Vanesa Paradis, Johnny Depp married Amber Heard. However, in the photo you can see an enormous difference between this relationship and his previous one. They stand apart, and the way they are touching seems staged. It’s hardly surprising that they only lasted a year together.

So? Do you think body language really speaks volumes? Tell us in the comments!

Source: auntyacid

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