Her Body Poses Are Helping People With Serious Mental Health Issues


After she was raped and trying to deal with the aftermath that involved major depression and  anxiety, Heidi Williams found peace with herself once again with the help of yoga.

She decided she was going to create some of the most breath-taking pictures which included images of body poses to inspire other to find peace within themselves too.

“It was in this place of mental illness hell that I found yoga and grace. Yoga brought me to a safe place again. A place of peace and self-acceptance.”


She tried to attempt suicide with the addition of almost losing her adorable 6 month old son. With a lot of practice she managed to find peace and to be good with her life.


A big success for her are her online support groups to help other people who have been through the same thing.


Here you can see Williams posting her everyday occurrences with her new perspective/love for life.


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