What Does Prince Harry’s Odd Hand Gesture Really Mean? Body Language Experts Explain


Thirty-three-year-old Prince Harry is officially engaged with 36-year-old actress Meghan Markel and the world is beyond excited. They announced their engagement on November 27, although Prince Harry stated that he had proposed earlier that months. Their relationship sparked a lot of controversies, from Meghan’s past to their behavior as a couple in public.

Some people are now bringing the Prince in the spotlight again by analyzing his body language. Eagle-eyed observers noticed that whenever he is in public, Harry of Wales tucks his hand inside his suit jacket or shirt. But what does this mean?

Body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech Influence Traci Brown spoke about this behavior, stating that the peculiar gesture is probably done out of habit. The Boulder, Colorado-based expert says Harry is “covering his solar plexus area (the vital organs),” and in doing so subconsciously tries to protect this area. This might mean that the 33-year-old isn’t comfortable with the social situation that he is in.


“Covering his solar plexus area” might mean the Prince is uncomfortable, body language expert Traci Brown claims


Here, Harry can be seen next to America’s First Lady, Melania Trump


Although it’s not so visible, Harry had his fingers tucked into his coat while he was shaking hands with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


In the next photo, Harry can be seen cracking a joke next to an official


Here, Prince Harry is placing his hand inside his jacket while visiting the Invictus Games with Michelle Obama


One thing is for sure, though. It’s clear that his new bride-to-be brings the young Prince a great deal of comfort and happiness. Harry seems more at ease with himself than he has ever been.


Prince Harry has never been the one for formality and is considered the joker in the family

He probably can’t wait for the wedding to be over and done with so he can slowly shift away from the limelight and have some fun doing more reasonable things than posing in front of cameras.


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