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Bono Named ‘Woman Of The Year’ On Glamour Magazine’s List


Glamour magazine found a genius way to stress the importance of gender equality by giving the Woman of the Year award to the U2 front-man, Bono. The Glamour magazine has had the “Woman of the Year” award for 26 years. But until now people rarely paid attention to it.

Now since Bono is on the list, the news is taking the internet by storm. We all finally know about the prize, and it’s importance in the fight against discrimination. “I’m sure I don’t deserve it. But I’m grateful for this award as a chance to say the battle for gender equality can’t be won unless men lead it along with women. We’re largely responsible for the problem, so we have to be involved in the solutions”. Bono told Glamour after he was told of the award.

He is on a list that also includes Gwen Stefani, actress and campaigner Zendaya, Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, designer Miuccia Prada, International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde and the Stanford sexual assault case ssurvivor known only as Emily Doe whose witness impact statement went viral.

But the Glamour magazine’s decision was heavily criticized on social media. A tweeter user named Stephanie Peat wrote: “Bono has been named Glamour’s woman of the year. To be fair with only 3.7 billion women it must be tough to find a worthy one.”


The award comes after Bono and his One campaign launched the Poverty is Sexist’ movement last year. Cindi Leive, the magazine’s editor-in-chief said:

“The idea that a man who could select any cause in the world to call his own, or no cause at all, is choosing to work, and not just for one night or at a special event, but consistently day after day and month after month on behalf of women, is incredibly cool and absolutely deserves applause”.

Cindi explained that they had talked for years about including a man but had always ruled it out.
“It started to seem that that might be an outdated way of looking at things. There are so many men who really are doing wonderful things for women these days. Some men get it and Bono is one of those guys”, she said.

The Glamour magazine decision is supported by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. She wrote an article in praise of her friend Bono for the magazine:
“I’m on Glamour’s side: I think Bono is the perfect choice for this first-time honor because, now 56, he’s been trying to do good for as long as he’s been making music. By establishing Poverty Is Sexist, Bono is making it clear that powerful men can, and should, take on these deep-rooted issues.”

As Glamour says this gesture of giving a Woman of the Year award to a man, was also inspired by the woman-friendly actions of other men, including President Obama identifying as a feminist and “super-cool actors” endorsing the United Nations’ #HeForShe campaign.


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