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This Is Why Having Big Boobs Can Be Very Annoying For Girls


Popular culture really likes to celebrate big boobs, but I don’t see actually what’s the thrill about them. Carrying some extra pounds can lead to many struggles and the ones who never had to carry much are the ones that are usually excited about them. Big boobs can be very annoying sometimes and this is why:

1. You don’t carry my size

Trust me when I tell you this, because I struggle with this all the time.


Source: Reddit | llamacolypse

2. Lying on your stomach

It seriously can be very painful… not in the beach though.


Source: Busty Girl Comics

3. Button-up shirts are a no

This is so annoying, really!


Source: Reddit

4. Finding things

The moment when you find a sharp Dorito, you know it’s real.


5. That outfit would look cute on someone with a B cup

It doesn’t on me though!


Source: Twitter | @BrooklynxHayes

6. Don’t make me run

Running makes it even worst, trust me!


7. The backless trend

“Just don’t wear a bra with it!”Really? That’s supposed to be my solution?


Source: Instagram | @sarita.coco

8. Yoga poses

They can stop you from breathing. Yes, even if I’m wearing a sports bra.


Source: Imgur

9. They end up in everything

Even painting. Check your final coat for boob prints.


Source: Reddit | starbaby73

10. Keep knocking things over

Don’t try to reach for the salt if you don’t want to knock the drink.


Source: Twitter | @_HannahSophiee

11. Not just at the dinner table

Be careful over the stove too.


Source: Reddit | emememer

12. Flatter girls can wear things you can’t

The cute summer dress season is a nightmare.


Source: Busty Girl Comics

13. Missing the garbage can with your trash

Bending to pick something up can often mean fully falling out of your bra.


Source: Busty Girl Comics

14. The are never where the designer thought they would be

Sure, they won’t seem even bigger or awkward now…


Source: Imgur

15. I can simply die

You have two choices here: squashed into the cleavage or up to your neck.


Source: Reddit | Heluerto

16. Bras cost more

Not fair!


Source: Amazon
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