He Bought A House To Tear It Down, But What He Found In The Walls Surprised Him


The last thing you want to say after you’ve bought a new home is “That’s a surprise.” Of course, all those real estate horror stories make us think of ghosts immediately, but not this time.

Curtis Grant from Texas was in for  surprise when he purchased a rather ordinary house in the suburbs. It’s funny how most people encounter leaks in the roof, the water heater breaking, or the floor crushing beneath their feet. But what Grant found was this gem hidden in the frame of his home that got other people interested too.

Behind the plaster, when he started to tear down this house, he noticed something shocking. Several wooden “legs” stood, obviously from a long time ago.

After a little more digging and exploration, Grant discovered that the legs came from a one-room cabin originally constructed in the 1860s which makes his purchase about as old as Texas itself.

When Grant called the Texas historians, they confirmed that the home was probably built by Texas pioneer William Gibson back in the time of the Civil War.

See for yourself:



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