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This Mother’s Day ‘Box Of Chocolates’ Cake Is So Detailed, You’ll Stand In Awe

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Say what you want, search the depths of the internet, the mall or Etsy, but you’ll have to admit in the end, that this cake is the best gift for Mother’s day.

You may wonder why. I’m sorry, did you see the photos? There’s perfectly placed fondant, there are handmade chocolates (some of which are filled with COOKIE DOUGH), and there’s a custom, perfectly real-looking BOW.

Before we begin to enjoy this demonstration of true cake artistry, we may need a reminder who’s making it. This is Yolanda, from How To Cake it, the super charming girl who attracted more than 2.6 million subscribers with her adorable jokes and sharp humor. That alone would be enough for me, but when you actually look around and see what she does, you’ll understand why her videos have more than 2 million views.

She makes rectangular shapes of her chocolate cake and cuts them in the middle horizontally and wets them with syrup.

chocolates cakes 1

Each gets on top of the other with chocolate ganache, meringue buttercream and a pink one in between.

chocolates cakes 2

She, of course, saved the best-looking layer for the lid, because she is making a box of chocolates. A lid that I would’ve been happy with even if it was only the lid, but she doesn’t stop there, lucky us.

chocolates cakes 3

Then comes a series of carefully placing pieces of fondant in order to make the cake a luxurious purple, because “moms like luxurious gifts”.

chocolates cakes 4

She has a special recipe for these chocolate bonbons that you can find on her channel. These are the ‘chocolates’ in the ‘Box of chocolates’ cake.

chocolates cakes 5

Another elaborate procedure of making a realistic bow for the lid.

chocolates cakes 6

This is becoming overwhelmingly pretty now.

chocolates cakes 7

All those chocolates…

chocolates cakes 8

She even put a note on it!

chocolates cakes 9

Can you believe this?

chocolates cakes 10

There’s no way she would cut this, right?

Aaand she actually cut it.

chocolates cakes 12

How. Could. She?

Source:How To Cake It

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