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A Girl Puts Her Boyfriend To A Test To Find Out Whether He’s A Cheater


To Catch a Cheater is a Youtube channel followed by almost 134 million users that puts the love of men to the ultimate test. While they are being observed by their worried girlfriends through a video link, boyfriends are approached by attractive girls who flirt with them and try to take things as further as possible.

The idea? Simple: to find out whether your boyfriend is a cheater. Although the channel popularity is partly due to the fact that most of the videos shared do show men who cheat, this is a notable exception. A young Bostonian living in Los Angeles is approached by a New York girl who starts some banter going regarding the rivalry between the two cities. Although she soon becomes very flirty and leaves no ambiguity about her intentions, at no time does the young man seems even remotely interested in taking up her offer.


This is intently watched by his girlfriend who exclaims “I knew he wouldn’t!” at the end, but her relief is clear for everyone to see. So is her love for the guy, who luckily did not disappoint her. It seems the four million who have seen the video are just as pleased as she is, as the comments attest.


“This makes me so happy!! There are good men out there,” the top comment which has been liked more than 1,100 times says.

“Please post more! Thanks to the bad press, I have been told because I’m a guy that I would be the cheater by default!” a user named John quips.

Check out the video and see for yourself that there truly are good men out there.

Source:To Catch a Cheater

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