Boyfriend And Girlfriend Settle Engagement In Court

Boyfriend And Girlfriend Settle Engagement In Court

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Kansas City court clerk Kalina Blosser was in for a treat when Judge Joe Locascio and boyfriend Mike Severo set her up for the trial of her life.

Kalina took her seat where she always does in municipal Courtroom H, next to the judge.

Waking up that day, she probably thought: ”Ok girl, we gotta live through today no matter how bad we wanna go back to bed!”

Little did she know what was to happen that seemingly typical morning.

At the very beginning of the video, we see a bunch of people waiting in a hallway, and one man seems quite on his toes about something. That’s the guy in the corduroy suit.

Next shot, he enters the courtroom with an exaggerated confidence, waking in a straight line down towards the judge’s seat.

He suddenly stops.

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The blonde beaut left of Judge Locascio is Kalina.

““You’re accused, in 2013, while training Kalina Blosser as a court clerk, of failing to maintain a demeanor as a stone-cold fox and allowing her to trespass on your heart.”

So that’s how they met!

He also works for the city, in the communications department and they meet for lunch every day… But wait a minute. Let’s see what else is Mike guilty of.

“In count two, you’re accused of following the said Kalina Blosser around this courthouse for three solid years like a puppy dog in an attempt to gain entrance into her heart.”

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As the Judge is reading to him the charges, he cannot help but break character here and there. He starts smiling.

Finally, the Judge asked Mike: “How do you plead?”

“Guilty, your honor,” said Mike.

“Well, Mr.Severo, how do you propose to make restitutions for these charges?”

“May I address the victim directly?” asked Mike.

At this point Kalina is in tears, of course, already sensing what’s about to happen!

“You may,” says Judge Locascio. “Kalina, step down.”

Then she approaches Mike.

Mike goes: “Kalina, I think you are a wonderful person, you are my best friend, and I’ve been in loved with you since I met you.”

“I wanna ask you today if you’ll marry me?”

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