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You Will Be Sorry You Didn’t Know These Bra Tricks


Of all the aspects of the female way of life which are a mystery to men, there is one whose depth and implications will forever remain obscured to any person without breasts: the bra. Only a woman can truly understand the complexities of wearing, washing or picking out this undergarment. Nonetheless, like with most annoying things that are unavoidable, tricks that will make your brassiere-wearing life way easier.

If your bra shows when you don’t want it to, there’s an underwire poking out, or if you have trouble when it comes to washing, you should definitely scroll down and check out eleven hacks that will save you a lot of time and effort in the future.

1. Drying tricks

You probably know it is not advisable to put bras in the dryer because they’ll most probably warp. On the other hand, most people usually don’t have enough time to let them air dry as that process can take forever, especially if the bra has some padding. Much easier and faster? Use a salad spinner! They’re great for cleaning brassieres, too!

2. Storage

If you feel like you’re wasting too much precious space in your dresser to your bras, or worse, that you’re bending them out of shape by squishing them into a space that’s way too tiny? Most of us feel the same, but have you ever thought you don’t have to store them in drawers? If stores hang their bras up – why can’t we do the same? Just loop them over the bar of a regular plastic clothes hanger, or add two-inch hooks to several wooden shirt hangers to save space and keep your bras’ shape.


3. Pain

Perhaps the most annoying aspect of wearing a bra is those annoying bra straps digging into your shoulders. You can easily relieve the pain by grabbing some silicone shoulder pads! Just slide the pad around the bra strap, and kiss the pain goodbye!

4. Wires

There’s another feminine item that can make your bra-life easier: a pantyliner can neutralize those annoying underwires! Just snip a small piece out of a regular pantyliner and wrap it around the exposed wire that’s been poking and annoying you all day.


5. See-through

Sometimes the biggest bra problem isn’t the garment itself – it’s what it’s holding! There are some occasions when it’s not appropriate to, shall we way, “let the girls out”, but it feels unavoidable, especially if you’re on the well-endowed side. You don’t have to swelter under multiple layers to avoid this problem, though. Use camisole inserts! They clip right onto your bra without the bulk of a full-on camisole and provide some much-needed modesty.

There are more hacks where these ones came from – including how to clean a sports bra, test your size, and create an instant racerback – so check out Buzzfeed’s video below to check out all of them.

Source:Boldly, tiphero

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