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Brad And Jen Are Friends Again, And Angie Is “Furious”

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Way back at the turn of the century, many considered Brad and Jen to be the perfect couple. Brad Pitt, 53, and Jennifer Aniston, 48, met in 1998, their story was like taken out of a rom-com, and they got married in 2000. In the next few years, everything seemed to go perfectly for the Hollywood couple. Then, in came Angelina Jolie.

Brad met Angelina while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith, shocked the world with the news of a divorce, and Brangelina was born. The couple married in 2014, and have six children together. Sadly, this relationship wasn’t to last either, as they announced their separation two years later. And now it seems that Brad is going back to his old love, Jen, and Angelina is not happy about that. In fact, she is reportedly “furious.” What goes around, comes back around, just like that Justin Timberlake songs says.

In a recent exclusive interview for In Touch, a source reveals that Angelina has always considered Jennifer to be her greatest rival. “[Angelina] hates the way that she has always been depicted as the evil femme fatale and Jen as the girl-next-door victim in the famous love triangle,” the source said.

Just Friends

The Friends star is now a married woman. She wed Justin Theroux, 46, back in 2015 and things are looking pretty sweet between the pair. So, what are Brad’s intentions in regards to this union? None whatsoever, according to the exclusive source. Brad is only looking for friendship. The source stated, “Brad’s leaning on [Jen] as a confidante now. His renewed relationship with Jen has been a huge source of support and comfort through the toughest year of his life.”

Jennifer, on the other hand, is really enjoying her new role of Brad’s confidante. She isn’t displeased about Angie’s disapproval, either. In fact, she feels like she’s getting her just desserts. That is, at least according to the source, who added, “[Jen]’s getting her well-deserved revenge. Jen feels Angelina lorded her relationship with Brad over her all these years.”

Building bridges

This reforging of Brad and Jen’s relationship came about as a result of two very emotional conversations. In an interview with GQ earlier this year, Brad admitted to drinking too much, so he decided to turn a new page and embrace a new lifestyle. In order to do that, he started by apologizing to all the people he had wronged, including Jennifer. That’s why, in June he attempted to mend fences with his ex-wife. The source noted, “Brad flat-out apologized for all the heartache and pain he caused by leaving her for Angelina. He came of as genuinely sorry, and Jen was deeply touched. She was completely won over.”

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One phone call was not enough for Brad, however. Recently, he contacted Jen for a second time, while Justin was travelling for work. Apparently, Brad poured his heart out to her about the fallout after his split from Angelina. “He soberly spoke about hitting rock bottom, and how he made the climb out,” the source noted. But, Brad didn’t stop there. He also admitted he was sorry for being a bad husband to Jen, for not being there for her, and for falling for Angie, the source claims.


Reaping the benefits

Being back on friendly terms has been extremely beneficial for Brad. Jen has helped him change for the better and get his life back on track. He’s stopped drinking, he’s repaired his relationships with his children, and he feels great, both physically and mentally, as reported by the source. “Jen has a way of calming and encouraging Brad, which he needs in his hectic life right now,” the source added. “He hopes to count on her for a long time to come.”

You can find out more about this story in the latest issue of In Touch.

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