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These Braided Hairstyles Are All Your Hair Needs This Summer


Summer is coming! It’s finally time to say goodbye to that heat, so start putting your hairdryer and curling iron away! Heat is the greatest enemy of your summer locks, and braids are the most loyal friends. Don’t get all frustrated on how to do braids, because they are as simple as the instructor tells you. And the instructor today is Audrie Strom and she does not only have a solution for your summer hairstyle plan but is also the greatest to lead you into the art of braiding. She does it step by step, and with her creative style, you will look like a summer Goddess!

Audrie Storme (pronounced like Audrey Strom) is a content creator living in Huntington Beach, California with her fiancé, who also happens to be her photographer and business partner. Her world changed completely after she started sharing her personal style on Instagram, YouTube, and her blog. Her name Storme fits perfectly with her style. With almost 2 million YouTube views, her visual content is a free-spirited and modern interpretation of the Southern California lifestyle. Her YouTub channel is an eye-soothing spot where you can find almost anything, from travel inspirations, to seasons outfits, from hairstyle tutorials to YouTube hacks.

In this video, she shares a new way of dealing with your hair in summer. And it does not require any special equipment, as the passionate blogger says.

summer 1

This braid looks lovely for a beach day, but you can totally modify it with a bobby pin and wear it on your dinner date.

1. This crown braid

summer 2

2. Triple side braid

summer 3

This is a completely new way of thinking about twisted hair! It’s so cute and easy to make.

3. The braided bun

summer 4

Surprisingly, this is the easiest one in the tutorial! And it looks so elegant, you must try it this summer!

4. The halo braid

summer 5

Although it may seem complicated, make sure you smooth everything and look in the mirror often to make it perfect!

Meet the passionate blogger and watch her do magic here:

Source:Audrie Storme

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